A Dream Play

November 28 – December 3, 2000

Premiere US Premiere
Production Language Swedish
Country of Origin Sweden
Description Wilson's production of this rarely staged Modernist drama by Swedish playwright August Strindberg married the director’s signature dream-like visual elements with Strindberg’s attempt (as he presented in an explanatory note to the work) “to imitate the disconnected but apparently logical form of a dream.” With music provided by Michael Galasso, this three-hour theater piece (performed in Swedish) presented itself as a fragmented narrative concerning the daughter of a Hindu god who visits Earth to experience life as a mortal, staged in a series of thirteen tableaus, separated by sudden blackouts or fades. Ett Drömspel premiered at the Stadsteater, in Stockholm, on November 15, 1998, with a continuing series of performances worldwide for the next three years.      
Identifier 2000f.00026