Special event

Children and the Environment: The Earth '90 Concert

June 2, 1990

Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description The United Nation Environmental Program estimates that we have 4,000 days -- the decade of the 90s -- to rescue our planet and make it fit for generations to follow. The Earth '90 concert was conceived as a way to bring UNEP's message to the largest possible audience.

It's estimated that more than a billion people in 100 countries will see all or part of the concert. An additional one million people are expected to listen by radio.

Saving our planet from environmental destruction will require an act of persuasion on a worldwide scale. And to that end, we will be making a worldwide appeal tonight, joining with sister concerts taking place simultaneiously in Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro, and incorporating performances taped earlier in Berlin and Metz, France.

Our goal is to allow our viewers to appreciate the musical joy of living while they are made aware of the mutual need for action so that we pass to our children a world with a clean and friendly environment.

Those performing for you are doing so as their gift. Each of us must match this generosity with a willingness to give of ourselves -- a willingness to reduce, recycle, reuse, and replant.
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