Merce Cunningham and Dance Company

April 1, 1967

Country of Origin United States
Description This was the first BAM performance of Merce Cunningham and Dance Company after Harvey Lichtenstein assumed the position of BAM’s president. Several pieces then in current repertory—“Variations V,” “Field Dances,” and “Place”—were complemented by “Collage III,” a solo (danced by Cunningham) which dated back to 1952. The program notes include a definitive aesthetic statement from Cunningham: “Dancing has a continuity of its own that need not be dependent upon either the rise and fall of sound (music) or the pitch and cry of words (literary ideas). Its force of feeling lies in the physical image, fleeting or static. It can and does evoke all sorts of individual responses in the single spectator. These dances may be seen in that light.”
Identifier 1967s.01426