Rhythm & BAM: Praise Music

February 1, 2003

Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description Rhythm & BAM, our new annual performance series, spotlights the musical artforms that are the backbone of contemporary popular music and the performers who carry on its evolution.

Praise Music celebrates the art and power of gospel with Grammy-nominated soloist Kim Burrell and two of the most well-known choirs in the country. Burrell has transfixed gospel and secular audiences alike with her solo work, as well as her collaborations with Shirley Caesar, Donnie McClurkin, Sean Combs, Whitney Houston, and Prince. The vocal and instrumental repertoire of Gary Anglin and the Christian Cultural Center Choir, from East New York, offers an innovative take on contemporary gospel. They also explore and embrace jazz and hip-hop musical styles. An anchor for gospel choirs around the country, Grammy-nominee Reverend Timothy Wright leads the Grace Tabernacle Choir as they perform a diverse array of classic gospel styles to elevate your body and soul.
Identifier 2003s.01295