Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra and Kronos Quartet

November 17 – 18, 1995

Premiere New York Premiere
Country of Origin United States
Description 1995 was a busy year for Kronos Quartet in Brooklyn. Though it had been nearly a decade since they had last appeared at BAM, in 1995 the Quartet enjoyed a residency with multiple appearances. In February, they played a series of four nights at the BAM Majestic Theater (now the Harvey), each night a different concert with music written especially for them. The 14 composers, from the U.S., China, the Middle East, and the former Soviet Bloc, reflected the Quartet’s characteristic interest in American minimalism and Eastern European ritualism. The series presented seven NY Premieres, one U.S. Premiere, and two World Premieres.
In fall 1995, Kronos Quartet appeared in the Next Wave Festival. They played two nights in the Opera House with the Brooklyn Philharmonic Orchestra in two World Premieres commissioned for the occasion, The Alternatives by Chinese composer Zhou Long, and Conjunctions by Uzbek composer Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky. Both pieces synthesized elements of Western and Central Asian music. Another night, the Quartet appeared on its own at the BAM Carey Playhouse (now BAM Rose Cinemas), with music by six composers. Four of the pieces were NY Premieres.
And finally, Kronos participated in a fall Music Department concert for school children, in which students made musical instruments and the Quartet played three pieces.

Pre-concert presentation with Zhou Long and Lou Harrison.
Identifier 1995f.01027