Sheila's Day

June 2 – 6, 1993

Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description Duma Ndlovu's need to pay homage to his mother and the many women like her thoughout the world who make their living as domestic workers planted the seed of thought that would eventually grow into this presentation of Sheila's Day. These same women, the Motherforce, the nurturers and caretakers, collectively form the spiritual center of the African continuum. They are the keepers of tradition and the intercessors with the ancestral spirits.

In South Africa, black women working as domestics in the homes of the country's white minority are assigned the name "Sheila" by employers who refuse to hearn their more dificult and infinitely more melodic birth names. "Sheila's Day" has thus become a reference to Thursday, the traditional day off for these domestic workers. It is also the day when they come together in women-only prayer circles to heal and renew their spirits through prayer, song, and personal testimony.
Identifier 1993s.01264