December 14, 1976 – January 9, 1977

Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description Monk scored an OBIE award for the BAM performances of Quarry, which she refers to as an "opera in three movements." This designation stresses that it is from a musical base that her concept of theater derives. Music for voice and organ—all of it composed by Monk herself--is used not merely to underscore the drama, but as an integral force--frequently as a motivating one. Her most memorable images--as in the child's final wail or in the "wash" and "rally" sections--are precisely calculated blends of aural and visual images. And, as in the radio singer's gestural tirade over the sound of a soothing lullaby, Monk is also able to contrast the two media with a penetrating sense of theater.
Identifier 1976f.01873
Season Fall 1976
VenueAdam E. Max Gathering Space (Lepercq Space, Ballroom, BAM Cafe)
companyThe House