The Constant Prince

October 16 – November 1, 1969

Alternate Title El príncipe constante, Le Prince Constant
Production Language Polish
Country of Origin Poland
Description Based on a 17th century play by Spanish playwright Calderon de la Barca, The Constant Prince is one of Grotowski’s hallmark productions—and one of the last he directed, before turning his attention to paratheatrical research. Originally Grotowski’s Polish Laboratory Theatre was to perform at BAM and in the Hanson Place Central Methodist Church, next door to BAM, but when Grotowski arrived he felt the spaces wouldn’t work. Ever-exacting, Grotowski found the Washington Square Methodist Church in Greenwich Village to be a more suitable space. Harvey Lichtenstein, who had invited Grotowski to BAM, remembers that during the premiere of The Constant Prince "I come in with Ray Oliver [director of the Chelsea Theater Center], and all the seats are taken. So we sit down on the floor, and Grotowski comes up to us and says, ‘I’m sorry, you’ve got to leave.’ We say, ‘What do you mean, we gotta leave?’ He said, ‘No sitting on floor allowed. No seat, no see.’ I say [laughs] ‘You’ve got the producer here, and you’ve got the guy who’s giving the opening night party there.’ ‘We don’t begin unless you leave.’ So Oliver and I left the opening night. We went to his after-party. We got drunk before they got there.”
Identifier 1969f.02060