The $ Value of Man

May 8 – 18, 1975

Alternate Title The Dollar Value of Man
Premiere World Premiere
Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description Co-written and directed by Robert Wilson and Christopher Knowles, with music by composer Michael Galasso, this performance premiered at the BAM on May 8, 1975. It was divided into nine sections, grouped under the headings “Vaudeville”, “Free”, and “Casino”. The $ Value of Man differed from many of Wilson’s works, as it was not staged on a traditional proscenium theater. The work was instead performed in the open Lepercq Space, with the audience seated at both ends and lengthwise along the sides of the stage. The audience was also allowed to move freely about the edge of the stage during the performance. Curtains, hanging from various positions on the ceiling, allowed the stage to be divided into different configurations throughout the performance. 
Identifier 1975s.00179