The Winter's Tale

February 12 – April 6, 1980

Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description The Winter’s Tale was the first BAM Theater Company production directed by David Jones, who had recently left his post as artistic director of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Aldwych Theatre in order to assume leadership of the BAM Theater Company. The production was a critical failure, and presaged the end of what would end up being BAM’s short-lived experiment in running an in-house repertory company. Harvey Lichtenstein recalled that Walter Kerr, then the theater critic for the New York Times, “fell asleep during the goddamn production and gave it a very mediocre, bad review. Much of it, he didn’t even see because he was asleep… it was devastating. It was the first production that we were doing of a major thing. We’d raised almost a million dollars to start this thing, and it was a terrific production. It was a terrific production. And it got killed by The New York Times.”
Identifier 1980s.01645