The Ghost Sonata

June 20 – 24, 2001

Premiere US Premiere
Production Language Swedish
Country of Origin Sweden
Description Ingmar Bergman's intimate psychological portraits have forever altered the theatrical landscape. This season marks the venerable director's ninth visit to BAM, and his fourth encounter with August Strindberg's The Ghost Sonata, a work that evokes a fragile and anxious netherworld, where horrors fester in the subconscious, poised to spring forth and take hold of reality.

Inhabiting this lost paradise is a motley crew of lost souls, each uniquely enlivened by a cast of longtime Dramaten actors that includes Jan Malmsjö in the pivotal role of the old man Hummel, and the striking Elin Klinga (who appeared in The Image Makers, BAM 1999) as the Daughter. Expert at transforming deep-seated urges and emotions into luminous physical reality, Bergman brings his cinematic sensibility to the fore in The Ghost Sonata, creating a kind of parallel universe in which Strindberg's surreal characters exist as both flesh and fantasy.
Performed in Swedish with simultaneous English translation.
Identifier 2001s.01020