Empty Places

October 3 – 15, 1989

Alternate Title Empty Places: A Performance by Laurie Anderson
Premiere New York Premiere
Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description With Empty Places, Laurie Anderson returns to the spirit of her earlier performances. Smaller than United States in scope, shorter (90 minutes long), less show-biz, it's more ambitious in another way: she is alone on stage, juggling her six MIDI keyboards, all electronically linked, and her violin that can sound like a saxophone or do bird songs at the stroke of a bow, with six giant screens for film projections and stills. An offstage projectionist and a sound man control the visuals and the sound. She talks and tells stories, and occasionally filters her voice, but the biggest surprise is that she drops her electronic masks, and sings.
-- Catherine Texier, New York Times, Oct 1, 1989
Identifier 1989f.01011
Season Fall 1989
VenueOpera House
top billingLaurie Anderson
visual artistPerry Hoberman