Deafman Glance

February 25, 1971, March 5, 1971

Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description Developed with members of the Byrd Hoffman School of Byrds during a residency at the University of Iowa, this five hour “silent opera” earned Wilson international acclaim after its Paris premiere. Louis Aragon, a founding Surrealist, proclaimed in an “open letter” to the deceased Andre Breton that Wilson “is what we, from whom Surrealism was born, dreamed would come after us and go beyond us.” After Deafman Glance, Wilson’s long relationship with French theater and opera was established. The piece is based upon the ideas of Raymond Andrews, a hearing impaired boy Wilson legally adopted after meeting him by chance in Summit, New Jersey. He found that Andrews thought in terms of images rather than words, and Andrews’ vivid drawings formed the basis of scenes from Deafman Glance.
Identifier 1971s.00982
artistic advisorCindy Lubar
author/playwrightRobert Wilson
company managerGeorge Ashley
lighting designerJohnny Dodd, Igor Demjen
makeup artistMinda Novek
playwrightRobert Wilson
production assistant/coordinatorCharles CosIer
set designer/decorFred Kolouch
sound designerIgor Demjen
stage managerEllie Wittman
video artistFranklin Miller