Merce Cunningham and Dance Company

February 1 – 13, 1972

Country of Origin United States
Description For his Festival of Dance 71-72 presentation, Merce Cunningham and his company premiered two new, now-classic pieces: “TV Rerun,” with music by Gordon Mumma, and “Landrover,” with music by Mumma, John Cage, and David Tudor. Carolyn Brown, a longtime Cunningham dancer, described “TV Rerun” as “a dance in which everyone learns the same material but is free to choose spontaneously in performance what parts of it she or he wishes to perform.” Cunningham described “Landrover” as “people moving in different landscapes. American, perhaps in the sense that we move in our country–across varied spaces–with varied backgrounds.” Also notable was the ensemble at this time MCDC’s history, which included several young dancers who later made their names as high profile choreographers: Douglas Dunn, Ulysses Dove, and Valda Setterfield.  
Identifier 1972s.00086