Pina Bausch Tanztheater Wuppertal

October 1 – 22, 1985

Premiere US Premiere
Country of Origin Germany
Description A series of events that amounts to a self-contained mini-series within the 1985 Next Wave Festival examines two generations of West German neo-Expressionist dance-theater. In addition to “Arien,” created in 1979, Pina Bausch's company will perform “Kontakthof,” “Gebirge,” and a double bill of “The Seven Deadly Sins” (Miss Bausch's interpretation of the Brecht-Weill score) and “Fear Not for Yourself” (other Brecht-Weill songs), both from 1976. Set in a nightclub-cum-singles bar, “Kontakthof” uses popular songs from the '30s and an excerpt from a German film elucidated by an English-speaking narrator. “Gebirge” is a reflection on peer pressure and sex that features groups of male dancer-actors forcing an isolated man and woman to embrace. The dancers carry 30 real Christmas trees, and a sinister master of ceremonies throws lighted matches at the company. The combination of strong dramatic movement and props and scenography suggest an ever-changing emotional world of vivid dreams in which elation, fear, violence and desire ebb and flow and mingle.
Identifier 1985f.00007