Hibiki (Resonance from Far Away)

November 19, 2002, November 21 – 24, 2002

Alternate Title Resonance from Far Away
Premiere New York Premiere
Country of Origin Japan
Description Sankai Juku, Japan’s preeminent butoh troupe, makes its third Next Wave appearance with Hibiki (Resonance from Far Away), a whirling, spectral dreamscape set in motion by the magnified plink of water falling, drop by drop, into thirteen concave lenses. Six virtuosic performers, their hairless, chalk-dusted bodies calling up images of embryonic life forms, unfurl and coil their torsos and limbs, sometimes silkily, sometimes violently. At one point, four dancers, corseted in heavy drapery and pendulous earrings, converge around a single lens to perform mysterious ceremonies. At another, a lone, undulating figure suddenly dips a finger into a shimmering pool, an electrifying moment in which the internal becomes external as emotions, long held in check, are released through a single, spectacularly controlled gesture. Earlier this year Hibiki won England’s highest cultural honor, the Laurence Olivier Award, for best new dance production.
Identifier 2002f.00744