November 20 – December 2, 2001

Alternate Title Arts in Multimedia: Trace: An installation in the Hillman Attic Studio, BAM New Media
Country of Origin United States
Description In a specially designed and sonically controlled room, audio scientist Nicolas Tsingos and digital artist Paul Kaiser explore the disembodied “traces” we leave within ourselves and in others, ranging across time and distance. Triggered primarily by Kaiser’s memories of the Cold War in Eastern Europe, Trace’s cinematic-like imagery begins with undefined particles that coalesce into 3D objects, ghostly moving figures, voice transcriptions, and video fragments. Matching sounds and voices travel through the installation space as if moving in, around, and through the audience itself.
Discussion with the artists November 28 at 8pm.
Identifier 2001f.IN.01000
Season Fall 2001
VenueAttic Theater
multimedia artistPaul Kaiser
sound designerNicolas Tsingos