Crumpled & Corrupted 2

October 10 – 13, 2001

Alternate Title Crumpled and Corrupted 2: Chunky Move, Crumpled and Corrupted Two
Premiere US Premiere
Country of Origin Australia
Description In its US debut, Chunky Move, an award-winning modern dance troupe created in 1995 by choreographer Gideon Obarzanek, delivers a powerful messsage in tune with the media-addled urban grit of modern-day Australia. Crumpled & Corrupted 2, the company's high-octane double bill, packs a typically visceral punch. In Crumpled, a lone dancer, sprawled in front of the curtain, rises with fitful juts and swerves, giving eventual ground to a group of women swinging their limbs in giant arcs, an impassioned kinetic retort to the throbbing techno score. Bodies come harmoniously together, only to be unceremoniously wrenched apart as the curtain repeatedly rises and falls.
Corrupted 2, Obarzanek's physical depcition of damaged data, features a hyper-precise chorus line executing disjointed yet distincly lyrical moves beneath a sinister Big Brother-like screen, its revolving surface an impassive mirror of the soul or the souless.
Images come and go, some recognizably human, others unresolved digital distillations. Throughout, Chunky Moves begs the existential question: Are we human, are we digital, or are we the hapless victims of our own Frankensteinian mix of the two that we don't yet understand?
Identifier 2001f.00725
Season Fall 2001
VenueBAM Strong (Majestic, BAM Majestic, BAM Harvey Theater, The Rudin Family Gallery)
choreographerGideon Obarzanek
lighting designerMargie Medlin, Damien Cooper
sound designerHugh Covill, Frank Tetaz
visual artistAlan Robertson