Brooklyn Raga Massive featuring Roshni Samlal

May 13, 2023

Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description his Indian music collective gathers songs born out of a far-flung South Asian diaspora—Reunion Island, Guyana, and Trinidad—and explores the merging of diasporic songs, matrilineal folk music, and beat-driven chutney anthems. Singing within the aesthetic framework defined by the "Coolitude'' movement, the evening’s set is inspired by the legacy of post-indentureship collective memory. The nostalgia, and reclamation of joy in gathering to sing is a cultural practice known as baithak gana, an intimate act of sitting or dancing together in song.
Identifier 2023s.00513
VenueAdam E. Max Gathering Space (Lepercq Space, Ballroom, BAM Cafe)