Bang on a Can Millennium Marathon

December 10, 2000

Country of Origin United States
Description Ever on the lookout for the unexpected, BAM delivers a final, official goodbye to the 20th century (this is really it, folks!) with the scrappy, clattering, winsome, whipped-up-in-a-thousand-backyards-round-the-globe, overwhelmingly joyous sounds of Bang on a Can's Millennium Marathon. Tireless innovators of boundary-busting music, Bang on a Can's fearless composers / founders Michael Gordon, David Lang, and Julia Wolfe aim to bring about the happy destruction of genre-limiting categories like world, classical, pop, and jazz in favor of a popular, ever-inclusive new music.

For BAM, they've gathered 103 vocalists and instrumentalists from twelve countries for eight solid hours of music by composers juggling a mind-boggling potpourri of influences: minimalism, Balinese gamelan, classical, Indian raga, jazz, bottle-neck blues, Eastern European folk, and rock and roll.

Come and go throughout the day as the spirit moves you. But don't stray far. You won't want to miss two new settings by David Lang of texts by Lou Reed, England's fiery post-minimal band Icebreaker, the Finnish yelling (!) choir Huutajat, the Czech avant-folk songstress Iva Bittova, the ambient waves of surreptitiously recorded cellphone conversations by London's Scanner, the beguiling Moroccan singing and dancing of Hassan Hakmoun, DJ and tabla master Talvin Singh, the surreal culture-clashing sounds of Gamelan Galak Tika ... not to mention, multiple thrill-a-minute premieres by BOAC's own house band, the Bang on a Can All-Stars. Be there!
Identifier 2000f.00696