“Floating World of the Cloud Quilt”

April 4 – June 18, 2022

Premiere US Premiere
Production Language English
Country of Origin Japan
Description “Floating World of the Cloud Quilt” is a monumental digital projection installation by multidisciplinary artists Saya Woolfalk that will be on view within the Rudin Family Gallery at BAMStrong and is curated by Larry Ossei-Mensah, BAM's Guest Curator-at-Large. This installation culls together fifteen years of archival material from Woolfalk’s “Empathic Universe”, a fictional race of women who are able to alter their genetic make-up and fuse with plants, to create a collective embodied experience for her audiences that juxtaposes the real world with the digital world. “Floating World of the Cloud Quilt” will be a liminal space filled with texture, color, photographs, digitally scanned drawings, and paintings resulting in the creation of a transformative experience.
Identifier 2022s.IN.00404
VenueFisher Building (Fishman Space, Hillman Studio)
top billingSaya Woolfalk
visual artistSaya Woolfalk