Innov Gnawa

April 29, 2022

Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description This New York City-based, Grammy-nominated group plays the hypnotic, spiritual Gnawa music of Morocco, an ecstatic sound that blends West African Islamic ritual poetry with the deep bass motives from the guembri. Led by master musician Ma’alem Hassan Ben Jaafer—the title Ma’alem denoting Jaafer’s ancestral heritage of the musical tradition, which was passed down generationally within his family in Morocco—Innov Gnawa formed in New York’s bustling Moroccan community. They became a fixture in the global music tapestry of the city before going on to perform at festival stages all over the world, including Coachella and Red Rocks Amphitheater.
Identifier 2022s.00429
VenueAdam E. Max Gathering Space (Lepercq Space, Ballroom, BAM Cafe)
top billingInnov Gnawa