November 2 – 7, 1999

Alternate Title Danzon: a piece by Pina Bausch
Country of Origin Germany
Description Upon its premiere in Paris in 1995, Danzón was heralded as the new, gentler Pina. Gone were the violent couples jostling each other across the stage. Such scenes were replaced in Danzón by a parable of the innocence of experience. The piece started with images of birth: company member Jan Minarik crawled onto the stage in a diaper, sucking his thumb. As the evening progressed, images of ageing and death came to predominate the action. One of the highlights of the production, however, was in Bausch’s mellifluous solo (one of the few she permitted herself for Tanztheater Wuppertal) danced in front of a projection of a fish gliding through water.  Program includes songs and arias by Gustav Mahler.
Identifier 1999f.00667