A B & C

November 13 – 14, 1998

Alternate Title AB&C (Adams, Berio, and Carter)
Country of Origin United States
Description In this provocative program of quintessential works by John Adams, Luciano Berio and Elliott Carter, Robert Spano and the Brooklyn Philharmonic reveal how three leading contemporary composers have transformed the art form of the symphony in the latter half of the twentieth century.

The New York premiere of Carter's Allegro Scorrevole is presented in celebration of the influential composer's 90th birthday. In this luminous work, Carter offers an effervescent, soft and flowing soundscape. Berio's Sinfonia, a surreal and absurd symphony, quotes the symphonic masters Mahler, Stravinsky and Debussy, and pays homage to Martin Luther King, Jr. in a manner that anticipates sampling and post- modernism to evoke the tumultuous 1960s. Adams' explosive Harmonielehre, written after a prolonged creative block, is a work of immense power and beauty-one of the major symphonic statements of any American composer in the last fifty years.
Identifier 1998f.00640