Merce Cunningham and Dance Company

January 5 – 16, 1970

Country of Origin United States
Description Participating in the Festival of Dance 69-70, BAM presented eight distinct programs by Merce Cunningham and Dance Company. One of the highlights included the world premiere of “Second Hand,” which is an expanded version of the 1944 solo set to Erik Satie’s music, “Idyllic Song.” For “Second Hand,” Cunningham employed John Cage’s iconic piano composition “Cheap Imitation”—based on Satie’s music—along with costumes by Jasper Johns. Another highlight was the evening-length “Theatre Event,” a semi-improvisational group ensemble performance based on the chance operations practice which Cunningham and Cage began in earnest during their residency at Black Mountain in the early 1950s.     
Identifier 1970s.00055