You ANC Nothing Yet!

November 13 – 15, 1997, November 18 – 22, 1997

Production Language English
Country of Origin South Africa
Description With the emergence of a true democracy in South Africa, it was only a matter of time before someone would start poking fun at it. That someone is Pieter-Dirk Uys, South Africa’s premiere political satirist, born in Cape Town to a Calvinist Afrikaner father and German-Jewish mother.

Even during the dark decades when freedom of speech and freedom of thought were concepts alien to the South African government, Uys managed to skewer the status quo. While his anti-apartheid plays were banned by the Pretoria regime, amazingly—inexplicably—the tongue-in-cheek musings of one of his creations, a glamorous, middle-aged Afrikaner matron named "Mrs. Evita Bezuidenhout" was not. In fact, Uys’ "Evita" was openly embraced by the culture she was condemning. Appearing live on South African television, as well as in films and videos, she soon became "the most famous white woman in South Africa." Not bad for a subversive satirist in drag.

In You ANC Nothing Yet! Uys focuses his considerable satirical skills on the current state of power and politics in his homeland. Shunning political correctness, Uys spares no one in his delightfully jaundiced world view. For his New York debut at BAM, "Bill Clinton," "Madeleine Albright" and "Nelson Mandela" join Mrs. Evita Bezuidenhout in Pieter-Dirk Uys’ one man show.
Identifier 1997f.00625
Season Fall 1997
VenueAttic Theater
top billingPieter-Dirk Uys