Special event

In Conversation: Hanif Abdurraqib

March 31, 2021

Alternate Title Launch of "A Little Devil in America"
Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description Writer and BAM Guest Curator at Large Hanif Abdurraqib in a conversation about Black performance to celebrate his new book, A Little Devil in America (March 30, 2021,Random House). This event is part ofUnbound, a series celebrating new book releases co-presented by BAM and Greenlight Bookstore. Hanif Abdurraqib has written a profound and lasting reflection on how Black performance is inextricably woven into the fabric of American culture. Each moment in every performance he examines—whether it’s the twenty-seven seconds in Gimme Shelter in which Merry Clayton wails the words “rape, murder,” a schoolyard fistfight, a dance marathon, or the instant in a game of spades right after the cards are dealt—has layers of resonance in Black and white cultures,the politics of American empire, and Abdurraqib’s own personal history of love, grief, and performance.
Identifier 2021s.SE.00331
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