FilmAfrica: co-presented by BAM & AFF, Inc.

May – June, 2020

Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description For this year’s edition of the annual cinematic companion to DanceAfrica, BAM partners with African Film Festival, Inc. to present a selection of modern African cinema classics. All FilmAfrica screenings are online, with proceeds supporting African Film Festival, Inc., and BAM during the temporary closure. “While we are not able to hold this year's edition of FilmAfrica in-venue, BAM and African Film Festival, Inc. are delighted to collaborate to offer this alternative: a variety of insightful and engaging cinematic stories and experiences presented in the virtual space. From comedic and complex dramas, to family-oriented films to informative documentaries, audiences will be immersed in the rich lives of people from across the diaspora, as filmmakers show their views of Africa and of pride, determination, and hope for the future.” —Mahen Bonetti, Founder and Executive Director of African Film Festival, Inc., and Ashley Clark, Director, Film Programming, BAM ­
Identifier 2020s.MV.10625