Never Records

January 15 – March 15, 2020

Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description New York-based conceptual artist and musician Ted Riederer explores the potential of a record shop and recording studio as an artistic community hub. Installed inside The Rudin Family Gallery, Never Records is a multi-use gathering space for connecting with others through recorded sound. Riederer himself oversees the recording sessions, at the end of which performers leave with a freshly cut vinyl record and a digital file of their music. Visitors are encouraged to explore the shop, which is designed to mimic a long-operating record store and features unique artwork; listen to recordings from past Never Records installations; and watch live performances being recorded and cut in real time. With a nod to Fluxus, Alan Kaprow’s Happenings, Alan Lomax, Harry Smith, and the collectivism of the 80s and 90s DC punk scene, Never Records embodies Riederer’s mission to build and galvanize communities based on the act of listening and the visualization of sound. Since 2010, Never Records has traveled to Liverpool; Derry, Ireland; London; Lisbon; New Orleans; Victoria, Texas; and Amman, Jordan. This season, Riederer brings it to the BAM Strong, marking the 10th anniversary of the project.
Identifier 2020s.IN.00113