Special event

Master Class: Meredith Monk and Vocal Ensemble

March 7, 2018

Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
What makes a citizen? How do the complex, elusive, and multifarious definitions of what it means to be an American exert their presence in art? And as the veil between artistic expression and political expression grows thin, how can contemporary artists shape and imagine new ways of being American? In this free-form, one-night-only conversation, four artists meet for the first time on stage to share their work and engage in a discussion about the intersection of art and American identity.
This interdisciplinary evening of performance and discussion brings together performance artist NIC Kay, author Lisa Ko, photographer Philip Montgomery, and stage and film director Yara Travieso, joined by Alejandro Rodriguez, artistic director of ASTEP’s Artist as Citizen Conference.
Co-Presented by BAM and The Bellwether
With NIC Kay, Lisa Ko, Philip Montgomery and Yara Travieso
Moderated by Alejandro Rodriguez
Identifier 2018s.SE.00307
VenueMark Morris Dance Center
performerEllen Fisher