Persistent Echoes: Part 3: One Hundred and Fifty-Eight Years traced from BAM’s stages (1861—2019)


Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description Placed inside the Rudin Family Gallery’s wall in July 2019, coinciding with the birth of this space, Persistent Echoes is a time capsule for a century and beyond.

Inside this wall is a vinyl record time capsule conceptualized and constructed by the artist Ted Riederer. The vinyl is held in a Silver Maple wood box made by Michael O’Donnell.

Selected by Sharon Lehner, courtesy of the BAM Hamm Archives

John Cage, “Atlas Eclipticalis,” played by the Brooklyn Philharmonic in 1975
Franklin D. Roosevelt talks about the New Deal, November 1, 1940
Chuck Davis, founder of DanceAfrica, reminds us: peace, love and respect for everybody
Frederick Douglass predicts racism after emancipation in 1863, read by Carl Hancock Rux
Identifier 2019f.IN.00012