Persistent Echoes: Part 1: Our Year of Dissent (2017)


Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description Placed inside the Rudin Family Gallery’s wall in July 2019, coinciding with the birth of this space, Persistent Echoes is a time capsule for a century and beyond.

Inside this wall is a vinyl record time capsule conceptualized and constructed by the artist Ted Riederer. The vinyl is held in a Silver Maple wood box made by Michael O’Donnell. Containing the artist’s own phonograph recordings of sounds from his life and selections from the BAM Hamm Archives, Riederer telegraphs a crystallization of our current moment to future generations.

The heartbeat of his lover on the eve of their wedding. Trains running at midnight through half-empty stations. The persistent rhythm of a snare drum in the rain. Taken together, these sounds evoke a poem about human existence, both nostalgic and timeless. In capturing and framing the moments that we all share, whether knowingly or unknowingly, these “tone pictures”—a term evoking the first commercially available recordings in the early days of recorded sound—communicate not just our contemporary lives but the feelings and thoughts that inhabit us as we strive to make a meaningful existence.

Recorded by Ted Riederer

“The Sound of Trains at Midnight”
“My Father with Dementia Trying to Remember”
“My Friend, an Undocumented Immigrant, Speaks a Dead Language”
“A Chord Made From The Tears of The Artist”
“The Tax March April 15, 2017”
“The Heartbeats of My Lover on The Eve of Our Wedding”
“The Evening Call to Prayer Heard From the Citadel at Center of Amman, Jordan”
Identifier 2019f.IN.00010
VenueBAM Strong (Majestic, BAM Majestic, BAM Harvey Theater, The Rudin Family Gallery)
contributorRose Devitt
photographerJason Wyche
top billingTed Riederer