User Not Found

November 6 – 16, 2019

Production Language English
Country of Origin United Kingdom, England
Description With User Not Found, BAM goes off-site and site-specific, in a new production by London’s lauded theater group Dante or Die. It is an immersive play exploring what happens to our digital identities after we die. Performed in cafés to authentically examine the public/private divide inherent in screen technology, User Not Found supplies audience members with a smartphone and headphones. The phones are all synced so that audience members can view the protagonist’s own private phone experience. This technology was created by digital design
company Marmelo in a unique creative collaboration between theater and technology. The narrative unfolds through a script by Chris Goode, an evocative new score by Yaniv Fridel, immersive lighting and set design by Zia Bergin-Holly, and Dante or Die’s trademark intimate style of location-based storytelling. User Not Found explores the ethics of digital ownership as well as privacy.
Identifier 2019f.01106
Season Fall 2019
VenueOff-site venue
choreographerSarah Lamb
costume designerAlessia Mallardo
lighting designerZia Bergin-Holly
musical notation/coordinationOscar Moos
photographerJustin Jones
press representative/promotionCliona Roberts
production managerPhilippa Mannion
set designer/decorZia Bergin-Holly
sound designerYaniv Fridel
stage managerOran O’Neill
technical directorMarmelo
video artistPreference Studio