October 31 – November 2, 2019

Production Language English
Country of Origin Brazil
Description The top of a head is rooted in the ground, running forward involves running backward and the vertical axis of a bust extends horizontally. In Bruno Beltrão’s virtuosic work, the inversions or diversions applied to the bodies on stage are perhaps also ways of thwarting forms of normalization that dominate how we think. In their BAM debut, Beltrão and his dynamic street dance troupe Grupo de Rua establish a relationship between the inner and outer world, tackling issues of dialogue, conflict, coexistence, and collectivity. Inoah’s 10 dancers perform a fascinating choreographic composition consisting of coming together and then bursting into the space of gentleness and of threat. Named for a city in Brazil, Inoah conveys the ambivalence in relationships.
Identifier 2019f.01031