The Inconstant Lovers

May 7, 1996, May 9 – 12, 1996

Alternate Title BAM French Theater: The Inconstant Lovers, La Double Inconstance
Production Language French
Country of Origin France
Description In a very special engagement, the Comédie-Française, France's oldest and most renowned theater company, comes to Brooklyn for its first BAM appearance in sixteen years. The famed Paris-based troupe will present two of its most hihgly acclaimed productions, Molière's 1665 classic Don Juan, directed by Jacques Lasalle; and Marivaux's 1723 comedy, The Inconstant Lovers, under the direction of Jean-Pierre Miquel. Known for its grand, lavish stagings and scrupulous attention to costuming and historical detail, the 315-year-old Comédie-Française devotes itself to preserving the vitallity and relevance of the great theatrical works of the past, and as such offers an incomparable, indispensible theater-going experience.

The Comédie-Française presents Marivaux's sparkling 1723 comedy of love and intrigue, The Inconstant Lovers, under the luminous direction of Jean-Pierre Miquel, chief ot the Comédie-Française. One of France's most experienced and accomplished directors, Miquel has worked for decades in both commercial and state theater. Marivaux's masterfully-written play concerns the tale of a prince, calculating servants and comic buffoons each entangled in the other's amourous schemes. Exciting, vivid scenery and exceptional costumes augment the sharp, delicate wit of Miquel's adept staging, and preserve the bite of Marivaux's comedy. "Marivaux is like fine porcelain. It is beautiful but fragile... Miquel, who understands this perfectly, has, with an infinitely delicate touch, brought out all the nuances and all the subtleties of a masterly fashioned play."
Identifier 1996s.00588