BAMcafé Live: Taphari and Nappy Nina

June 14, 2019

Premiere US Premiere
Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description Brownsville rapper Taphari always identified as an outsider, a sense of apartness that translates to a compelling, unruly musical style that draws on everything from underground electronics to a childhood love of Mary J. Blige. Since moving to Brooklyn, Oakland-bred Nappy Nina has carved out a space for herself with her west-coast chill, east-coast hustle, and inventive wordplay that speaks to everything from corrupt marijuana laws to wearing sandals with socks. For BAMcafé Live, these singular emcees give voice to their experiences as queer black artists living in Brooklyn with intricate raps, hard-hitting instrumentals, and lyrical insights.
Identifier 2019s.00614
VenueAdam E. Max Gathering Space (Lepercq Space, Ballroom, BAM Cafe)
top billingTaphari, Nappy Nina