November 15 – 17, 2018

Premiere US Premiere
Country of Origin United States, Denmark
Description Jesper Just’s Interpassivities is a performance work––incorporating ballet––that explores changes in space, labor, communication, and experience in the wake of contemporary society and technology. Media and dimensions overlap and fold in on one another and performers and audience alike navigate a shifting visual and sonic topographic landscape, oscillating between the realms of interactive and interpassive human relations, between projected visuals and live performance. The musical soundscape is performed as an encounter between the live instrument in the space and recordings of Kim Gordon; it functions as a structural element in the performance rather than traditional accompaniment. A triangulated dynamic emerges between the dancers, the workers, and the audience––it is unclear which element is leading the others in this breakdown of traditional power hierarchies within theater and performance.
Identifier 2018f.01115