Ballet British Columbia

June 13 – 15, 2019

Production Language English
Country of Origin Canada
Description Ballet British Columbia makes its BAM debut in celebration of 10 years of artistic direction under Emily Molnar, a Ballett Frankfurt alumna. The esteemed Canadian company presents three contemporary dances tracing a common linage to the influential William Forsythe, the former director of Ballett Frankfurt and Forsythe Company. Solo Echo, by another Ballett Frankfurt alumna, Cystal Pite, is inspired by two Brahms sonatas for cello and piano and Mark Strand’s poem Lines for Winter. Molnar’s own untitled new work reveals a daring yet intimate landscape that brings her signature expressive style in conversation with the rhythm of the blues. The program concludes with Forsythe’s 1989 masterpiece Enemy in the Figure, a dynamic theatrical display of shadow images and a driving score by long-time collaborator, Dutch composer Thom Willems.
Founded in 1986, Ballet British Columbia has been under the leadership of Artistic Director Emily Molnar since 2009. Ballet BC is an internationally acclaimed collaborative and creation based contemporary ballet company that is a leader in the creation, production, and education of contemporary dance in Canada. Bold and innovative, the company’s distinctive style and approach has made a unique and valuable contribution to the development of dance. Ballet BC presents a diverse repertoire of Canadian and international work from the late 20th and early 21st centuries, and is a hotbed for the creation and performance of new works. Under Molnar, former member of The National Ballet of Canada, Ballet BC, and Ballett Frankfurt, the company actively fosters collaborations that support artists, choreographers, and audiences alike, furthering the boundaries of contemporary dance.
Identifier 2019s.00613