October 4 – 7, 2018

Production Language English
Country of Origin Spain, United States
Description Jazz guitarist and composer Oscar Peñas allegorizes a cherished yet endangered cultural tradition in his piece, Almadraba—referring to the sustainable, elaborate Phoenician technique for trapping and catching Atlantic bluefin tuna mainly along the coast of Cádiz, Spain. Peñas’ one hour suite depicts the phases of this trap fishing method by blending jazz and classical composition with additional flourishes inspired by Cuban and South American folk music. Peñas usage of non-traditional instrumentation speaks to the technique’s unique sonic environment and the rich historical significance in Iberian culture. In addition to a classical string quartet, the ensemble features Peñas on guitar(s), Marta Sánchez on piano, Pablo Aslan on bass, and Richie Barshay on drums and percussion. Astonishing images of the almadraba will be projected throughout the performance.
Identifier 2018f.01003