King Lear

April 7 – 29, 2018

Premiere US Premiere
Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description The incomparable Sir Antony Sher and the legendary Royal Shakespeare Company return to BAM with their acclaimed new production of King Lear. Directed by Artistic Director Gregory Doran and presented at BAM in its US premiere, it is the last Shakespearean role for Sher. In this magnum opus within Shakespeare’s canon of kings, he tackles the colossal role of Lear with his signature ferocity and power, personifying one of drama’s most tragic falls from grace. After ruling for many years and reaching the age of 80, the widowed King Lear announces his intention to divide his kingdom and the monarchy evenly among his three daughters. However, with hubris he misjudges their loyalty, soon finding himself stripped of all the trappings of state and power that had defined him—and descending into madness. Doran stages the production amid stark, modern sets, allowing Shakespeare’s language and Jacobean brutality to take center stage.
Identifier 2018s.00407