Qyrq Qyz (Forty Girls)

March 23 – 24, 2018

Alternate Title 40 Girls
Production Language English
Country of Origin Uzbekistan
Description The matriarchal narrative of Gulaim—a teenage warrior who defended her clan from Eastern invaders with the help of qyrq qyz (forty girls), Amazons of Turkic legend—has endured for centuries in the male-dominated epic oral tradition of Central Asia. With Qyrq Qyz, a BAM debut for both the Aga Khan Music Initiative and acclaimed Uzbek filmmaker Saodat Ismailova (40 Days of Silence), the tale receives a multimedia retelling that harnesses both cutting-edge and traditional art forms. As a new generation of Turkic female bards sing Gulaim’s legend—accompanying themselves on dutar (two-stringed lute), kyl-kiyak (two-stringed bowl fiddle), and jaw harp—Ismailova’s mesmerizing multiscreen video, scored by acclaimed Tashkent-based composer Dmitri Yanov-Yanovsky, adds a powerful new dimension to an eternally engrossing ancient story.
Identifier 2018s.10311
VenueBAM Strong (Majestic, BAM Majestic, BAM Harvey Theater, The Rudin Family Gallery)
choreographerSéverine Rièm
costume designerHilola Sher
lighting designerSéverine Rièm
set designer/decorKamilla Kurmanbekova
technical directorJoseph Jabbour
videographer/editorCarlos Casas