Family Performance: Young People's Film Classic

April 3, 1965

Production Language English
Country of Origin
With the announcement of this series of entertainments, the Academy has realized an important goal: to be second to no other presentation center in the City of Greater New York for the quality of entertainment offered to Young People. The booking of such a series has been made possible through the devoted support of The Women's League for the Brooklyn Academy of Music with regard to both funds for quality improvement and promotion for audience enlargement.
Parents have aided materailly by their recognition of our efforts for betterment, but the most encouraging commentary is that the young people readily respond to productions that show talent and professional skill.
The series is given in the Music Hall on Saturday afternoons at 2:30 p.m. Winter and Spring Vacation presentations are also in the Music Hall at the same time.
Identifier 1965s.01549
VenueCarey Playhouse (Music Hall, BAM Rose Cinema)