The European Mystics

November 5 – 7, 1993

Alternate Title The European Mystics: Soundwave / The European Mystics: Interplay
Premiere New York Premiere
Country of Origin United States
Description There's a new spiritualism on the rise in Eastern Europe, and to many its most awe-inspiring manifestation is the mystical sonority of its contemporary classical composers. Estonian composer Arvo Pärt's instrumental work seeks the eternal silence at the heart of sound. Sofia Gubaidulina has emerged as one of the most powerfully emotional Russian composers of the late 20th century. Polish composer Henryk Gorecki goes back to early folk melodies and ecclesiastical laments for expression of his musical roots. Dennis Russell Davies conducts a deeply moving selection from these and other Eastern European "mystics" and some of their progenitors, including the N.Y. premiere of Pärt's Symphony No. 3 and the U.S. premiere of Kancheli's "Mourned by the Wind."

The European Mystics: Soundwave November 5-6   1993
The European Mystics: Interplay  November 7 1993
Identifier 1993f.00550