Njinga the Queen King

December 1 – 4, 1993

Alternate Title Njinga the Queen King / Njinga Muchino A Muhaito / Return of a Warrior, Njinga the Queen King/Njinga Muchino A Muhaito/Return of a Warrior
Production Language Portuguese;English;Congolese
Country of Origin United States
Description Njinga was a 17th-century African regent who ruled as "king" of Ndongo (now Angola), and kept the Portuguese slave traders at bay during her 40-year reign. This fascinating music-theater piece juxtaposes performance and projection, moving through dreams and visions to a communion between Njinga and a modern-day African American woman. Its singers, dancers, capoiera (martial arts) masters and musicans, performing on African and Bahian instruments, combine with Oliveros's sonic environment to enact a story as magnificent and moving as its ancient source.
Identifier 1993f.00547