Creole Carnival [Cancelled]

February 21, 2016

Alternate Title [BLANK]
Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description This performance was cancelled.

“Over the last decade, globalFEST has presented 21st century world music as an accelerating fusion, a recombinant free-for-all of local traditions meeting ideas and technologies from afar”
—The New York Times
globalFEST honors the roots of African musical currents crossed with a fusion of sounds from the Americas. This annual New York-based world music festival curates an all-star trio of artists who upend traditional notions of Carnival: Brazil’s Casuarina who are at the forefront of today's samba renaissance; the uniquely soulful Jamaican singer and guitarist Brushy One String; and the queen of Haitian roots Emeline Michel, who blends a broad palette of styles with socially conscious lyrics.
Emeline Michel
Brushy One String
Identifier 2016s.00230
VenueOpera House