BPO Free School-Time and Family Concerts: Dancing with a Rainbow

April 14 – 19, 1993

Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description Our community is as bright and colorful as a Rainbow. Just as all the colors of the world are seen in a Rainbow, so all the music traditions from around the world are heard in concert music. Because this music makes people want to dance let us take the opportunity to experience as many colors as possible as we Dance with a Rainbow!
• Undine Smith Moore "Ring Game" from "Scenes from the Life of a Martyr"
• Traditional Native American: Cheyenne Round Dance
• Nikos Skalkottas: Two Greek Dances, "Mavro Yemini" and "O Choros Touzalongou"
• Antonin Dvorak: FInale from the "Czech Suite"
• Pyotr Tchaikovsky: Chinese Dance from "The Nutcracker"
• Louis Gottschalk: Finale from "Night in the Tropics"
• David Amram: Viva Puerto Rico! Viva Nueva York!
Identifier 1993s.01284