Special event

In-School Dance Master Classes: Dancing into the Future

January – June, 2003

Production Language English
Country of Origin United States
Description Throughout the season. Dancing into the Future provides an extraordinary opporutunity for students to work with professional choreographers and dancers. Artists conducting workshops have included Chuck Davis, Arististic Director of BAM's DanceAfrica, members of the Mark Morris Dance Group, David Dorfman, and dancers and choreographers from companies performing at BAM. In-school workshops allow students to experience the creative processes involved in dance and choreography. In addition to master classes, this year we will be offering residencies in the spring in African/Caribbean dance. Students participating in this activities-based program will attend a performance at BAM on May 16 by a visiting  dance company from the Caribbean in conjuncion with DanceAfrica, BAM's annual celebration of African and African-American culture.
Identifier 2003s.SE.00008
VenueOff-site venue
choreographerBaba Chuck Davis