The Making Of: Choreographic Pathways and Process: A Dancing into the Future Final Performance

November 29, 2007

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Description Dancing into the Future is an after-school program dedicated to teaching young dance enthusiasts about the art of choreography. Students participating in the program were chosen based on willingness to take on new challenges and genuine love for dance. This year, Dancing into the Future participants worked in residence with INSPIRIT dance company. Led by Christal Brown, founder and artistic director of INSPIRT, the students were taught various movement techniques and then guided through a choreographic process. This performance is a culmination of the students' original choreography. Tonight the students of Dancing into the Future share their choreographic pathways: where they have been as dancers, who they have become, and where they hope their paths will lead them.
Venue: White Wave John Ryan Theater
Includes Post-Performance Discussion and Reception.
Performers: Mia Adams, Imani Bates, Ariel Brown, Shakema Cyrus, Njelama Dacas, Jatima Floyd, Michel'le Smoot, Jennifer Ulysse, Taylah Watson, Shacora Williams.
Identifier 2007f.00895
Season Fall 2007
VenueOff-site venue
artistic directorChristal Brown