The Summer of Aviya

January 27 – 28, 1992

Production Language English
Country of Origin Israel
Description Part of the series Israel: The Next Generation
A ten-year-old girl, having been sent away to boarding school, comes home to her village to spend a rare summer with her emotionally disturbed mother. Thus begins a child's passage from innocence into the bitter experiences of adult life. The play is based on Gila Almagor's best-selling book, wihch was also turned into an award-winning film. In this stunning solo performance, Gila Almagor recreates her own personal story. Performed in English.
Identifier 1992s.00525
VenueCarey Playhouse (Music Hall, BAM Rose Cinema)
musical directorYossi Mar-Haim
top billingItzik Weingarten
translator/interpretorMiriam Shlesinger