Family Performance: Babu

January 28, 1973

Alternate Title Family Performance: Babu: An East Indian Legend
Production Language English
Country of Origin India
Description The play Babu is a cultural entertainment medium through which children are exposed to the culture of arts of India. Marvel at the adventures of Babu, an East Indian boy who undergoes some startling transformations after eating three "magic mango leaves" given to him by the great stone god.
Theme of the Play: Babu is a comedy-drama about the adventures of an Indian boy who earns his living selling fruit beside a roadside temple. As the play develops, we meet a miser, a vain ayah governess, a beautiful girl named Soni, and a very welathy, pompous rajah. All come to the roadside temple to pray and beg favors from the god within.
The Author: James Ambrose Brown is an English playwright who lives in South Africa.
Identifier 1973s.01454
VenueCarey Playhouse (Music Hall, BAM Rose Cinema)